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Từ Điển Thuật Ngữ

Từ điển thuật ngữ

Addressable Fire Detector

Fire detector, which transmits to the address alarm control panel code of your address together with the notification of the fire.

Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Generator (AEG)

The apparatus for producing fire-extinguishing aerosol with the specified parameters and delivering it into the protected space

Aerosol-forming fire-extinguishing composition (AEC)

Special structure, capable of self-burning without air to form an aerosol fire-extinguishing.

Aggregate Fire Suppression

Fire extinguishing installation in which the technical means of fire detection, storage, release and transport of extinguishing agent is structurally independent units are mounted directly on the protected object

Automatic fire detector

Fire detector responsive to factors related fire.

Automatic Fire Suppression System (ASS)

Fire extinguishing installation, automatically triggered in excess of controllable factor (factors) fire set thresholds in the protected area.

Automatic start-up of fire extinguishing

Start the installation of its hardware without human intervention.

Autonomous Fire Suppression

Fire extinguishing installation, automatically performing the functions of fire detection and suppression, regardless of the external power supply and control systems.

Delay time PFEA

Period of time from the moment the mechanical signal starts until the beginning of the expiration of the extinguishing aerosol outlet PFEA.

Portable Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Generator (PAEG)

Portable device to eliminate flame burning and the fire is located in a confined space volumetric method due to the impact on the hearth burning fire extinguishing aerosol derived from aerosol charge of extinguishing agent.

Stand-alone smoke detector

Fire detector, which responds to a certain level of concentration of aerosol products of combustion (pyrolysis) of substances and materials, and possibly other factors of fire, in the case of which are structurally united independent power supply and all components necessary for fire detection and immediate notification of it.

Standby of automatic fire-extinguishing system (AES)

State of readiness of AES

The outlet of the generator

A hole in the generator, after which the products of combustion of aerosol extinguishing agent begin to mix with the surrounding air.

Time (duration) of the extinguishing aerosol

The time interval from the beginning to the end of the expiration of the fire extinguishing aerosol outlet PFEA.

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